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Anonymous asked: Just curious...if your home life is so awful and in some cases to the point of being abusive, why have you not moved out on your own? Save up some cash and get out of such a negative, unsupportive environment. Even if you have to get housemates, it seems that living with friends might be a hell of a lot better for you than the current situation. I wish I could help youmyself, but I'm really just a lurker and it would seem creepy as fuck to just say HERE HAVE SOME MONEY AND ESCAPE.

the short of it is that my mother needs me to cover half of the expenses because we’re in an extremely low income bracket, and i don’t want to leave my mother high and dry after everything she’s been through

and no no don’t give me money sjdhf ;a;;;;

  1. ocellite said: it sucks when you’re trapped in a toxic environment. believe you me, i know. but i still say you should also keep focus on yourself as well and don’t let yourself be dragged in the mud. save up and move out when things are a bit more stable.
  2. witlesswyrm said: I get where you’re coming from on this. I’ve been in that situation too. I only got out of it this July. x_x It’s the worst, trying to do a good thing and getting the shaft for all your efforts.
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