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Daily Photo 233: Game Boy
Another shot my husband set up for me before I got home. So cute. 
More from my Photo A Day project 

way way waaaaaaay back in the day, switchum use to sculpt shift knobs and hood ornaments for an extremely small company that specializes in car restoration/generally decking out hot rods and such

they are also, coincidentally, the group that’s doing our bjd casting work

but anyway, sad to say but this particular company was wrecked hard by chinese recasters

today switchum and i were at walmart, just idly browsing the automotive section - and there was a green skull shift knob that, at a glance to me, looked really close to the aesthetic of the his older shift knob works

so i jokingly pointed at it and said ‘so is this one of your shift knobs that got knocked off”

i was 200% not expecting him to take a look at it and then exclaim ”IT IS!" in shocked disgust

hubby’s original:

chinese walmart recast:

so yeah when you see this at walmart for 13.96 please don’t buy it

it’s still readily available in literally all the colors of the rainbow from the fine people who originally designed it. and i can attest they cast and paint and prep them with lots of care, and their finished pieces just look freaking fantastic in person, holy crap

i wish i could give a shout-out to them, but can’t for various reasons - if you’re interested in a link to the original producer of the shift knob, let me know and i’ll send it your way in private


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